Saturday, January 26, 2008

just for fun

Hunter and cousin Sienna waitng for their bath

Hunter was very excited...Sienna didn't like sharing bath time

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

-The Year in a Nutshell-

Well our blog has been somewhat empty lately, this is due in a large part to the evil "Facebook", so for all you out there in blog land whom do not facebook here is a copy of a newsletter that we sent out. - Justin

Justin and I have received a few newsletters this year so I thought I should send one out too. This year marked the one year anniversary of living in our own house, and all the fun and expense of that, Justin got a new dirt bike, I went on a trip to the Yukon, and most importantly we added one to our little family.

Hunter Justin was welcomed on May 6, 2007.
He is a happy little guy who makes us smile and laugh at his funny faces. He seems to have a preference for wires and computers, no matter how many balls I throw at him. I mean give him.

The summer was full of outings with our mommies group. At least once a week we gathered our kiddies and went to a park or the beach. There are a lot of little boys around for Hunter to grow up and play with.

Justin got a new-to-him dirt bike and truck. Many weekends were spent with buddies out on the dusty trail, with only one major fall, which resulted in one minor injury.

In October Hunter and I ventured up north to Haines Junction, Yukon to visit with Grandma and Grumpa Riseborough. Hunter travelled really well, and that was a huge relief to me! We only went outside a few times because there was a bear prowling the neighbourhood and it tried to get into a house.

Halloween was busy for me this year. Along with making Hunter and Sienna costumes, (Sienna won a costume contest, by the way) I made costumes for a number of other people, and sold some costumes on The most interesting costume I made was for a big teddy bear for charity.

My new endeavour this year was cake decorating. I took a decorating course and put my new found knowledge to the test. Brittany and Aaron Hawkes' wedding was my first paying gig.

Christmas was low key this year, but Hunter still got spoiled. He did well tearing the wrapping paper and of course was more interested in the packaging then what was inside. Most of my family was sick on or around Christmas day so things were quite mellow. Everyone is healthy now and we are ready for the New Year!