Monday, December 25, 2006


Well the festivities are over now and it's back to work I go :(
On Christmas Eve we had Justin's Mom, Dad, and brother over. Justin and I prepared a ton of food and most of it is sitting in our fridge now. We had WAY to much. We chatted and ate and opened a few presents. Justin got a tool holding thingy with little thingy's inside and I got some decorative dress forms for my house.
The evening ended early so I took some food to Dayna's and watched a movie with her. I thought about staying home, since it was Christmas Eve but Justin just wanted to play video games. So off I went.

This morning Justin and I got up at 8am and opened our stockings and gifts. Justin got a new bathrobe and a bowling shirt made by moi, and I got some slippers, a business card holder, and gift cards.

After we finished at our house we went to Dad's for the traditional quiche breakfast with the Lindoff's. Dad always makes a couple of choices and they are soooo good. After breakfast the Lindoff's left and we stayed and opened gifts. The gifts of choice this year were gift cards, except Brian got a video game.

Later in the afternoon Brian and Elizabeth went up to Ladysmith, and the rest of us had turkey at the Lindoff's. Auntie Carol always makes a great meal, and food just keeps coming out of the kitchen. Just when we think the meal and dessert is finished, and we're relaxing, out come snacks. Oy vay. Usually the parents try to sing the prayer while the kids(meaning the cousins and me, who are all in our 20's-30's) snicker under our eyelashes. This year we skipped the singing and went right to the reading of the Christmas story. Dennis brings out his father's bible that has seen many a year, and has lots of little notes in the margins, and we all pass the bible around the table and read a couple of verses. One tradition we did miss was the de-robing of Dennis. Usually turkey makes a person tired, but for some reason Dennis always gets hyper. This usually leads to an impromptu strip tease done to the "Blues Brothers," but not this year. We were all very relaxed.

All in all it was a great Christmas spent with family and friends. It is my favorite time of year. I hope everyone else had a great day too!

Brian loving his new game

Friday, December 15, 2006

First baby pictures

YAY! Today we finally had our ultrasound. Usually people have it around the 18 week mark, but I am now twenty weeks - half way - crazy! So with a full bladder (me not Justin) in we went. Thankfully we didn't have to wait long. The appointment was about a half hour. It was pretty cool to see the little body in there. The sonographer had a hard time getting some good pictures because of the squirmy little thing. It is all very exciting. Later I had to go to work, but on my break I went up to winners to the baby section, and I just couldn't resist buying a couple of baby outfits. So now I have my first little BLUE outfits. That's right blue, it's a boy!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Tree

On Sunday we got our Christmas tree. Brian came with us to Save On to help Justin lift it. In the pictures you can see it is very tall. Brian is 6'4" and the tree is a lot taller then him. I think it is 8'.

Justin and I have had a spindly
little fake tree because we were
living in apartments, but now that we are in our own house, we wanted a real tree, and a big one. We had to buy more decorations and lights to fit on this tree.

Uncle Justin with little Sienna

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Annual Christmas Party

For the last few years Jeff and Nicole have hosted an evening of food and entertainment. Well tonight was the night. I came later because I had to work late, but I sent Justin with our trusty camera and he got a few shots. When I arrived the gift exchange was in full swing.

In years past their have been some nice, mundane gifts, and then there are the gifts that me and Justin bring. We usually try and get one nice gift and one joke gift. Last year Lana was the lucky recipient of a pirate that looked like he was peeing on a fence, and someone else got a lovely crystal dog...that had a clock in the stomach.
This year the lame present that no one wanted was a potato/apple peeler gadget. I'm not sure who got that. Justin came home with the game "Lost" like the TV show.

The food was great. Nicole always does some awesome Christmas baking, and this year was no exception. My favourite is the white chocolate with chopped up candy canes. Yummmm.

Cute little Sienna, with her eyes wide open

The other day

On Thursday night Justin and I had a nurse to our house to issue a test. We had applied for life insurance through Sunlife and they sent a nurse to our house. We had to take a urine test for drugs and AIDS. That was kind of weird and I was a little nervous, even though we had nothing to worry about. The nurse said it was routine, but still.
Then later we went out for dinner with Brian and Elizabeth, and Sienna. Elizabeth told us that some old lady was getting after her for having Sienna out so early, and in the cold weather. That old lady should mind her own business. I don't get how total strangers can feel like it's OK to offer advice. I can't wait for some old lady to say something like that to me, I'm not nearly as gracious as Elizabeth is;)

Pet peeve of the day: old women who have too much to say

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


So far, I am not enjoying this blogging thing. It has stretched my attention span for computers to an uncomfortable level. I tried to upload a picture of myself to "my profile" but it wouldn't let me unless I downloaded some program. So I just left it.

If you haven't checked out Brian and Elizabeth's blog, you should. Their new little baby is soooo adorable:)

Pet peeve of the day:

First go

Hi everyone. So I am jumping on the blog bandwagon. I always look at your blogs, so I thought you might want to look at mine. In the next couple of months there will be interesting things happening. Justin and I will have a baby and our lives will be forever changed. Eeeek!