Sunday, June 7, 2009

a bit delayed

For the May long weekend we went to the mainland to visit our good friends, Sarah and Steve. While we were there we all went to the Vancouver Children's Festival. There were entertainers, activity tents, food, and music. It was a great time.

Hunter on the ferry

Hunter loved this giant sand box.

Sarah's three kids also loved the sandbox

free hat
Hunter wasn't so keen on getting his face painted, but so help me it was happening!

all smiles after the face painting was done

lunch time

while the older boys played some sports, Hunter and Elise checked out the pre-school tent

they had fun while the Mommies cooked in the none ventilated tent

the "painting" station was actually just water, but they loved it

the music tent was probably Hunter's favourite
don't eat that!

fun with Daddy



Crystal Fonk said...

Great pictures, i love the face painting part, heheheh.

Anonymous said...

Love that picture of you and Hunter..... "DADDY Kangaroo" is a bit scary though! Looks like it was a fun time with Sarah and her family, nice you girls can get together once in awhile....did you giggle???? hee hee
Love Mom

Sarah said...

That was so much fun! Do you want to do it all over again next year?!! That pre-school tent had such gross air, but the kids sure loved it! Elise's highlight was the rockin' guitar, but next time I will make sure my camera chip is empty before trying to take a video!