Tuesday, August 18, 2009

another one for those not on facebook (Mom)

It's been two months. Riley is WAAAAY cuter than when he was born so I thought I should put a couple of pictures up.

Hunter helping to bake cookies.

Riley is happy and chubby!

He loves the bath

Hunter didn't know I was watching him. He was talking to and kissing Riley

the BIG stinker wearing a "little stinker" outfit

chillin' out on the counter


Sarah said...

Great to see you this past week... your kids are both so cute!

When is your mom going jump onto the Facebook bandwagon? She would love it!!!

Tricia said...

I know she would! She needs more convincing

Anonymous said...

Your Mama thanks you Tricia...for the pictures...Naha to Facebook though!! I enjoyed MacDonald family time so much I've started saving for the next trip!
Love you and your guys,
Mom xxxx0000

Louise said...

Yay for blog updates :)